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Gibson City, IL
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FlyingAg is a company that was founded in 2015 by a group of accomplished farmers and growers from different parts of the United States. Their goal is to help fellow farmers navigate the world of unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology. They provide agricultural drones and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of farmers, offering products at various price points to cater to different operations. Their mission is to empower farmers with the tools and knowledge to leverage UAS technology effectively, enhancing their farming practices and outcomes.

FlyingAg prioritizes building strong relationships with customers and goes beyond providing technology by offering personalized education and product support. By utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, farmers can efficiently scout their crops, gather valuable insights, and make informed decisions. The use of drones saves time, reduces costs, increases profits, provides real-time data, and offers unencumbered access for assessing plant conditions and animal health. FlyingAg aims to equip farmers with practical and effective tools for improving productivity and efficiency in the agricultural industry.

The founders of FlyingAg have extensive experience with UAVs in their own farming operations. Randy Aberle operates a 2,500-acre farm in Gibson, Illinois and has integrated aerial imaging into his practices. Martin Hein manages over 6,000 acres of almond orchards, citrus groves, and vineyards in California. Corey Jacobs focuses on hog production on his family's farm in Indiana. These firsthand experiences have inspired them to bring innovative solutions to the agricultural marketplace.

FlyingAg continues to test the latest technology from their farms to provide reliable tools for farmers across the country.