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Elizabeth Dane is a holistic medicine doctor who offers personalized health plans through her Metabolic Balance Program. Combining Western and Eastern health philosophies, she recognizes that all life is based on energy and how it affects each individual. Dr. Dane's program aims to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony by bridging the body's energy and metabolism with one's personality.

The Metabolic Balance Program focuses on six different Meta-Types based on individual energy patterns: Accelerator, Balanced Accelerator, Mixed Accelerator, Synthesizer, Balanced Synthesizer, and Mixed Synthesizer. These Meta-Types determine various aspects of a person's well-being, including their energy levels, food cravings, sleep needs, and more.

By taking the free Meta-Type test offered on the website, individuals can discover their unique Meta-Type and receive personalized recommendations for natural remedies and supplements to restore balance to their bodies. Dr. Dane's approach celebrates the physical differences among individuals and provides them with a customized health regimen suitable to their individual metabolism.

Through her holistic approach and the Metabolic Balance Program, Dr. Dane aims to help individuals achieve optimal health and lead happier, more rewarding lives while embracing their unique selves.