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Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is a NOFA-NY certified organic family farm located near Syracuse, New York. They offer a wide range of products, including fresh seasonal produce, garden plants, flowers, U-Pick blueberries, maple syrup, spices, candied hot peppers, and assorted jams. The farm is committed to providing healthy and high-quality food to the community while expanding their customers' palettes with heirloom and unusual vegetables and herbs.

The farm started in 2012 when Dizzy Lizzie and Tractor Man purchased a house with a 102-acre plot of land. With a mission to offer fresh and organic products, Dizzy Lizzie started the farm business. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings and introduced value-added products like pestos, spices, jams, and relishes. Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is known for its commitment to organic practices and its dedication to constantly adding new quality products each year.

The farm also has a team that includes Dizzy Lizzie herself, Tractor Man who operates the tractor on the farm, and the adorable Farm Manager who helps create a welcoming atmosphere. The crew also includes Zuma Beach Saft the Cesky Pup, Elma the black lab, Mr. Darcy the cat (possibly Maine Coon), Elizabeth another feline friend, Bella the bunny, Kaze Googoo Pipsqueak the Guinea Pig, and a small flock of chickens.

Visitors can connect with Dizzy Lizzie's Farm by visiting their website or contacting them via phone or email. They also have a physical location where visitors can experience the farm firsthand.