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DM Vans is a company founded by Dave and Matt, who are passionate about the van life lifestyle. With their shared experience of living in vans, they understand the needs and desires of van enthusiasts. The company's mission is to make van life accessible to everyone by offering lifestyle vehicles built at unmatched prices.

DM Vans has a range of vans including the LV3, LV5, and LV7, each designed with unique features and functionalities to cater to different preferences. The LV3 pushes the boundaries of style and innovation, prioritizing efficient space utilization. The LV5 combines comfort with modern technology and safety features, providing additional living and storage space. The LV7 features the largest interior in their fleet, making it ideal for weekend adventures or full-time living.

In addition to their vans, DM Vans also shares inspiring stories on their website, covering various aspects of van life. They have partnerships with organizations like Campers Inn RV, expanding their reach and making it easier for customers to find their dream vans.

With a team of genuine van lifers who are passionate about building top-notch vans and fostering a welcoming community, DM Vans is dedicated to providing functional and high-quality vehicles for individuals looking for a better journey on the road.