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Crystal Lily Creative is a brand coaching and diversity consulting firm that focuses on empowering leaders to create inclusive, human-focused environments rooted in core values. They believe in the freedom to use their platform to advocate for positive growth and change within communities, with a particular emphasis on safety and equality. Crystal Lily Creative offers services such as inclusive branding consulting, leadership development coaching, and brand photography. They work with leaders who want to use their influence to advocate for philanthropy, inclusion, human rights, social justice, education, and sustainability.

Founded in 2016 as a photography brand, Crystal Lily Creative expanded its services in 2019 to address the growing demand for diversity and inclusion branding consulting. The company combines over 15 years of corporate experience with creative passion to provide inclusive brand consulting and leadership development experiences. Their approach centers around core values, helping leaders define their brand and connect with people in a meaningful way. Crystal Lily Creative also collaborates with business partners who share their values and expertise.