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Credit Rent Boost is a subsidiary of 950 Credit, Inc. that specializes in rent reporting services to help tenants boost their credit scores. They were founded in September 2016 with the mission of providing products and services that enhance the creditworthiness of their customers. The company was created by a local realtor who recognized the need to give credit to tenants who consistently paid their rent on time.

Credit Rent Boost works with TransUnion and Equifax to report monthly rent payments, allowing tenants to establish a positive credit history. They offer ongoing monthly rent reporting, past rent reporting for up to two years, and a combination of both options. The service is available to all individuals named on the lease agreement, including roommates and spouses.

The company places a strong emphasis on technology, allowing them to automate processes and offer competitive rates. They prioritize security and professionalism while maintaining a family-oriented and fun environment for their team members.

Overall, Credit Rent Boost provides an innovative solution for tenants looking to improve their credit scores by utilizing their consistent rent payments.