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Brewer Oil is a trusted provider of fleet fuel management and car washing services for commercial vehicles in New Mexico. With a history dating back to 1954, Brewer Oil has built a reputation for reliable and efficient service. They offer fleet fueling management, fuel delivery, lubricants, and car washing services throughout the state. Their focus is on providing dependable service to each customer, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Products and services offered by Brewer Oil include fleet fueling management, bulk fuel delivery, lubricants and chemicals, and car wash services. Brewer's fleet fueling management network allows for tracking and monitoring of fuel expenses by vehicle and driver. Their bulk fuel delivery service provides metered deliveries from 300-4500 gallons, as well as tractor trailer deliveries up to 8500 gallons. They also offer a wide range of high-quality lubricants from Valvoline for various industrial operations. Additionally, Brewer Oil provides car wash services, soaps, supplies, repair, and maintenance solutions using only the highest quality ingredients.