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Bird and Branch Furniture is a leading furniture store located in Thomson, GA. Their goal is to provide an easier and more enjoyable way to make your house a home. With a thoughtfully curated selection of furniture and decor, they offer a unique shopping experience where customers can be inspired instead of overwhelmed. From antique coffee tables and nightstands to modern sofas, Bird and Branch Furniture offers high-quality pieces that can transform any Thomson home. Whether you're looking for a few pieces to refresh your space or ready for a complete overhaul, their curated and stylish collection has something for everyone. Plus, they offer in-house delivery for a hassle-free furnishing experience.

Started as a 10x10 booth at an antique mall in 2016, Bird and Branch Furniture has grown to become a full-service furniture store in Thomson, GA since 2020. Founded by JoAnna, who has a passion for furniture and design, the store is supported by her parents and her husband who is involved in every aspect of the business. They chose Thomson as the location because it's where they live and believe in investing in the community. Bird and Branch Furniture looks forward to serving not only Thomson but also the surrounding areas with their carefully selected furnishings.