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Beacon Healthcare Systems

17011 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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Beacon Healthcare Systems is a leading provider of SaaS solutions for healthcare compliance. Their mission is to streamline the business of healthcare through reliable and innovative technology solutions created by their industry experts. They offer a range of solutions to help organizations automate their healthcare processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

One of their key solutions is the Beacon Appeals Manager (BAM), which helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and enhance the member and provider experience. BAM is a single solution for managing members and providers in appeals and grievances, making it ideal for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial lines of business.

Another solution offered by Beacon Healthcare Systems is the Beacon Compliance Manager (BCM), which helps transform the effectiveness and efficiency of audit programs. It provides centralized workflows, a data management system, and healthcare auditing and monitoring capabilities to resolve compliance challenges with automation and workflow.

In addition to BAM and BCM, Beacon Healthcare Systems offers other solutions such as Beacon Enrollment Manager (BEM) for Medicare Advantage enrollment software, SDoH/Supplemental Benefits Manager for optimizing health plans with supplemental benefits beyond typical Medicare benefits, and Utilization Manager (UM) for managing prior authorizations.

With their extensive expertise in health plan technology, operations, IT, compliance, and product development, Beacon Healthcare Systems has become a trusted partner for healthcare organizations looking to streamline their processes and improve outcomes.