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Alpha One offers a range of organic-based fertilizers that are designed to improve soil health and promote the growth of healthy, thriving plants. Their product lineup includes:

1. AlphaLawn II Plus Iron Organic-Based Lawn Fertilizer: This fertilizer conditions the soil, loosens compacted soils, and strengthens the root system. It is specially formulated to counteract high pH calcareous soils and create a better soil environment for turf grasses.

2. AlphaLawn Z Zero Phosphorus Organic-Based Lawn Fertilizer: This phosphorus-free fertilizer conditions the soil, loosens compacted soils, and deepens and strengthens the root system.

3. Alpha One Natural Organic-Based Lawn & Garden Fertilizer: This all-natural fertilizer provides plant-ready nutrients through a natural time-release process, ensuring longer availability to plants. It has the highest organic-based matter content of any fertilizer on the market and offers a homogenous nutrient balance.

4. AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer: This organic-based fertilizer is ideal for fall application. It conditions clay soils, deepens and strengthens root systems, enhances turf health, and promotes early growth in preparation for the following spring.

5. El Primero Garden Fertilizer: Designed for garden plants, this organic-based fertilizer distributes plant-ready nutrients in a natural time-release manner. It helps counter high pH calcareous soils and improves soil quality for all types of garden plants.

6. Germinator Starter Fertilizer: This landscape-starter fertilizer is made from processed organic materials to promote optimal seed germination and seedling growth in reclaiming and developing landscapes.

Alpha One's fertilizers are trusted by customers for their safety, effectiveness, and environmentally friendly formulation. Visit their website to learn more about their products or find a nearby store where you can purchase them.